How Brain Science is Changing Our World

“Written as a series of almost breathless stories, it does a great job of exploring the impending neurorevolution and sometimes scary consequences of neuro-technology.”

– Professor Susan Blackmore, BBC Focus Magazine

“Best of all, her hesitant participation in experiments – from having a neurologically induced religious experience to learning the secrets of empathy – along with brutally honest descriptions of the experts, add a welcome dose of humour.”

–New Scientist

From religious experience, moral sense and personal choice to subliminal advertising, lie-detection and self-control, the brain has become the focal point for all questions about human nature. Modern neuroscience is now going to the heart of what it means to be human, and beginning to have important social and political repercussions, forcing us to think afresh about who we really are, why we behave as we do and where we are going.

Mindfield is the first book to document this coming age of ‘neurocentrism’. In it the award-winning science writer Lone Frank surveys how brain researchers are dissecting everything that makes us human and anchoring all sorts of phenomena we have previously considered incorporeal in soggy biology. She explores the influence these neuroscientific findings are having on society, reveals how this in turn is changing both the structure and the function of our brains, and speculates on what this cognitive revolution means for us all.

Interlacing fascinating accounts of the latest findings with witty and irreverent interviews with leading researchers in their laboratories, Mindfield is an exemplary work of popularization that provides nothing short of a comprehensive survey of the frontiers of modern neuroscience.

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