My Beautiful Genome

My Beautiful Genome РExposing our Gentic Future One Quirk at a Time is published in the UK by Oneworld Publishers. This book is my very personal take on personal genomics. It chronicles my meetings and interviews with leading scientists and lays out the Рsomtimes disquieting Рdiscoveries I make in my own genome. You find a sneak peek here. And the whole book is available here.

“I haven’t seen Lone Frank’s entire genome, but it’s obvious from the first page of My Beautiful genome that she’s got the SKFF-2 gene (Sharp as a Knife and Frigging’ Funny too). No decoding needed here: I love this book.”

- Mary Roach

“Before I read My Beautiful Genome I could not decide if I would ever get my genome analyzed, but now I’m sending in my spit ASAP. Lone Frank is one of the surest science writers I’ve ever read. She not only explains with great clarity the technical twists and turns of the science behind unraveling the double helix, she does so in such a page-turning, conversational style that once I started, I couldn’t stop. Read this book your genetic future may depend on it.’

–Michael Shermer

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The book has so far been published in the US, the UK, Holland, Germany, Sweden and Norway. It will be out in Russia in the autumn of 2012.

For interest in publishing My Beautiful Genome outside these domains, please check with my agent Peter Tallack at:

The Science Factory
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t: +44 (0)207 193 7296

My Beautiful Genome