Lone Frank

is a journalist and author with a Ph.D. in
neurobiology and a background in research.

As a staff writer at Weekendavisen, Denmark’s leading news paper,
she is Denmark’s most distinguished science writer and a well-known
voice in debates about science, technology and society.
She is widely invited as a public speaker.

Lone Frank has written for leading international publications
such as Science, Nature Biotechnology and Newsweek and regularly
appears as a commentator on Danish radio and television.
In 2007, 2008 and 2011 she presented and co-produced
tv mini-series on controversial science for
the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation, DR.

At present, Lone Frank has published four books:

The New Life (Gyldendal, 2004)
Cloned Tigers (Gyldendal, 2005)
Mindfield (Oneworld, 2009)
My Beautiful Genome (Oneworld, 2011)

All have won critical acclaim and some
have been translated into several languages.

Lone Frank has won several awards for
her writing. She lives in Copenhagen.